October 20, 2017, 1:10 am
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Conceited Bitch
Have you any idea how hard it is to get Arrogant Bastard in Rhode Island? You might as well join the quest for the Holy Grail. I got hooked on the stuff in Ohio when we lived there for a few years, and since moving back to Rhode Island, I haven't been able to get it anywhere for love or money. So, I decided to come with a clone-ish brew. This isn't supposed to be a strict clone of Arrogant Bastard, so I don't want to see a bunch of emails to me claiming that I got it all wrong. This is really just an excercise in creating something that *YOU* are not worthy of....

Holiday Porter
Every year I brew a holiday ale flavored with spices of the season, and typically with a very low hopping rate. This year, instead of basing it on a brown or scotch ale, I opted to base it on a low-bitterness porter that I've brewed before. I always taste these before bottling, and this one was absolutely superb. After two months of bottle conditioning, it should be pure heaven.

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